If Such Strength Exists Within Me…

Laying still in bed, staring of into the waking sky, its easier not to think about arriving on the other side of the world. I numb my mind and focus on breathing.

In front of the mirror I say “Sa bai dee, sa BAAII dee, sa bai DEEE, sabaidee…”

If such strength exists within me,
I am going to find it.


“To look for what is beautiful is it’s own reward.”

———July 27th… 28th… eeerrrr flying somewhere up in the night sky between. My face is pressed to the window, my eyes straining to see the stars. A few appear. And a faint, short lived shooting star falls down into the atmosphere. I can’t say I thought much about you on the first leg of the trip, but now it is late and it is dark and I am comfortable and settled by the hum and steady rock of the airplane. I am somewhere over India and I am thinking about the wrinkles at the corner of your eye, the ones come alive when you smile and curve over the top of your cheek. My chest tingles and I feel a little less worried as I stare at the work contract in my lap.


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